Video Monitoring & Remote Guarding

Right-size Your Security Force And Save

St. Moritz Security also provides advanced remote guarding and video monitoring services through our SOC. By right-sizing your security program, we are able to enhance the services provided by our officers onsite and increase efficiency – by decreasing the need for additional personnel to manage costs and officer quality.

Through partnerships with the most advanced technology providers in the world, St. Moritz can deploy and monitor full security systems for your facilities.

These solutions include cloud-based video surveillance and access control, AI-based video analytics and alarm monitoring, robotics, and autonomous response — all managed through our SOC to provide our customers with the right fit security program. Combining advanced onsite officers and real time data with remote guarding solutions is just one way to secure your facilities effectively.

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Our Partners

Best-in-Class Technology & Support

St. Moritz Security Services, Inc. is partnered with the best in current technology to ensure that we stay ahead of industry and technology trends. To deliver best-in-class innovative solutions while supporting our customers and engaging our workforce, we have built relationships with technology platforms in all major areas of advanced security: Reporting and Operations, Officer Management, Camera & Access Control Systems, and Robotics.

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

ALWAYS ON – 24/7/365 Support by Trained Security Operations Staff

Our local offices will serve as your primary contact. However, the St. Moritz Security Operations Center (SOC) provides 24/7 communications for our branches, clients, and security officers. Our SOC is located in Pittsburgh and is operated by trained St. Moritz employees. To support their role, our SOC Specialists are equipped with the latest telephone and computer technology assuring continuous operation in the event of an emergency.

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