St. Moritz Virtual Security

What is it and why do I need it?

Everyone is talking about Virtual Security and remote guarding! Even we wrote a post not too long ago describing 2020 as the year for Security Analytics. But what is it? And why would anyone need it?

Virtual Security is the idea of using new technology solutions to solve old industry issues combined with your traditional security force to create a more complete security program. At St. Moritz we have always been a top provider of skilled security officers, and now through our Virtual Security Division we are able to enhance these officers with better tools to increase efficiency and site security, while also being able to battle rising costs for our customers.

The St. Moritz Virtual Security Division utilizes best in class technology solutions to offer video and alarm monitoring from our fully staffed Security Operations Center. Our remote officers are able to view client sites, react to alarms, and even speak to trespassers before escalating incidents to on-site staff. Instead of a mobile patrol service that visits your location a few times a night, Virtual Security is always on and always monitoring your property for trespassers. No officers falling asleep or leaving post. Our highly trained officers also provide virtual concierge and gate house services for those communities who are looking for automated solutions and professional interactions.

As security programs evolve, St. Moritz has committed to be on the cutting edge to provide to right solution to our customers that fit their specific needs. In many cases, this means right-sizing the on-site officer force to reduce costs while not compromising site security. For other customers this may mean automating processes like Visitor Check-In and badge printing or parking enforcement.

If you are interested in these new, innovative, cost saving solutions reach out to us at for a discussion about your security program.

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