ISC West 2022 – Takeaways From Our CTO

The International Security Conference and Expo, commonly known as ISC West, roared through Las Vegas last week. Known for showcasing the best minds, innovations, and technologies in the security world I was able to attend to learn where the industry is headed in the next year. I spent my time connecting with other security leaders to learn about new tools our customers can implement for their benefit.


Here are my 3 main takeaways from the showroom floor:

  1. Automation is here to stay!

People have been talking about Robots, drones, and AI for years. There have been a lot of companies selling new solutions and a “New way to go about security!” that never seemed to really deliver. But its time to see the successes for what they are. Speaking with our partners at RAD we see a clear picture of robotics and automation on your sites! Leveraging an Integrated Security Approach, utilizing both on-site officers and robotics, can save our customers up to 50% of their security budget for reinvestment in increased officer wages and better technology.


  1. Data isn’t just something to protect.

Every time I bring up data, I see the eyes in the room start to glaze over. Everyone immediately thinks about the passwords, client information, and sales information they need to keep safe from hackers. But new technology like the platform created by Dataminr is starting to look at data around us to drive security decisions. By looking at information from social media, news outlets, police scanners, etc. and using AI to compile and authenticate, organizations can begin to see potential security risks and business disruptions before they affect their operations. It’s time for us to start to see the available data as a tool for our security programs and not just the thing to keep safe.


  1. Retrofit, Retrofit, Retrofit

Sure, everyone wants to be able to rip out all their old systems and replace them with the best new technology out there, but that’s not always possible. Make the best of what you have retrofitting your current equipment with new technology to increase its usefulness. For example, Switch Tech from Best allows a regular interchangeable core door to be fit with a battery-powered Bluetooth locking system that can be opened with a key fob or cell phone. No hardwiring, no keys, and very low expense. The next time you need to re-key a floor because of a lost Sub-Master you may want to consider this.


Overall, the ISC West show did not disappoint. Attendance was incredible and there was a crackling electricity each day. Exhibitors from all over the world and a large attendance made for an excellent place to build partnerships and learn from experts in all fields of security. If you have additional questions about my experiences or would like to discuss some of the security solutions on display, please contact me for a time to meet.


Evan Nardone, CTO

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